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Technology Training Group was established in 2011 by Terry Lindsay. Terry was volunteering at the local community centre teaching the elderly about computers when he noticed something interesting! “I would start teaching with say 8 students and gradually over the weeks they would stop coming, and I would end up with only two!” I decided to ask the students that dropped out why they left and was told that they felt embarrassed that they could not keep up with the other students. They also said that they got confused, as at the time I was teaching on Windows 7 and they were using different operating systems on their computers at home.
I then decided to become a qualified trainer and realised that we don’t all learn in the same way. It doesn’t mean we are stupid! We just learn differently! Some can learn by reading, others by watching & some are “hands on” learners or a mixture of all these methods.
Unfortunately community centres, local libraries etc cannot spend the time to teach on an individual basis. It was then I decided to start a tuition service that taught mainly on a one-on-one basis, on the students computer, in their own home. It has proved very successful for both me and my students. People learn much better when you work at their own pace. They are familiar with their computer and feel more relaxed. I have found that my students not only learn faster but they retain the information taught!
My business also trains students in small groups and people with disabilities. I enjoy my work, love meeting people, and get great pleasure when a student of mine becomes proficient using technology, when they never thought they were capable of it!

Terry also has vast experience with computers, especially diagnosing problems. He started out in the early 1980’s with DOS, System 80, Omega & Atari. He then progressed to Mac & Linux, and then back to PC. Terry was the IT manager for a large Brisbane Company prior to going out on his own. Terry states ” I used to be a TV technician in the 1980’s (when people used to get things repaired) and I loved diagnosing problems”. I hated problems beating me, and would spend hours & hours until I eventually fixed it”.  “This was of course UN-econimical, but it gave me a great feeling of accomplishment when I finally fixed the issue”. ” These days things are so cheap to buy that’s it’s definitely not worth spending too much time trying to diagnose the issue, but I still find it hard to fight of the urges!”

“I pride myself on providing excellent customer service”, “If you are unlucky enough to experience a hard drive failure, I will do by very best to recover your data – all at no additional charge”.

Terry’s association with 101FM has resulted in the “101FM Computer Guru, who has a talk back segment every Wednesday at 9.30am with “Bluey”.

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