The benefits for a computer literate middle age & senior population are manifold.

Healthcare – The internet provides a wealth of health resources and products available for the elderly. Empowering seniors to conduct their own research and learn about their conditions and shop for their own medicine is invaluable. Access to the information and the tools to address their health will allow seniors to become more active in their present health care and foster a better and longer quality of life.

Convenience – Why wait in queues or on the phone to pay your utility bills, lodge Centerlink forms, apply for passports, book flights & accomodation, banking & shopping etc. All of these and more can be done online safely and securely saving you time, inconvenience and stress!

Isolation and Loneliness – Email is the Seniors number one use for the internet. They use email for family connectivity, communication with friend far & near, sending digital photos, reading daily news, managing stocks and money and much more. Incerasingly, they are enjoying senior-related user groups, theme-based forums, virtual games and online chat rooms. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & Youtube are are also proving popular. These resources allow an expansion of their social network, thus allowing seniors to feel more involved and engaged in the world.

Independence – The internet allows for virtually any product and service to be delivered to one’s doorstep within days. Medicine, groceries, gifts, books, plane tickets to name only a few allow a senior to become more self – sufficient in their day to day life. This sense of independence fosters feelings of self-worth that may otherwise be compromised due to disabilities or disadvantages.

Cognitive Development – Continued use of the brain later in life has been shown to slow or prevent senility and dementia. The use of the internet and all of it’s tools involve the creative use of the mind. Seniors are using their time on the internet for continued learning , research, writing letters, searching genealogy, reading the news and online classes. These tools keep the senior mind active and nimble.

Depression and Psychological Well-being – Depression results from feeling alone, ineffectual & helpless. Using the internet results in a self-assured individual . Today’s online applications, products, and resources allow one to be connected to the world, needed by people, independent and self-directed. Depression is widespread among the senior population. The feelings of isolation , helplessness, and inability contribute to this mental disorder. The tools available on the internet and computer allow for a more self-sufficient, social, and happier life for our seniors in their sunset years.

There is undoubtedly a widespread and urgent need for a service that offers accessible and affordable technology training education for the middle age & elderly.Access to technology and all it’s benefits should be a right, and not a privilege. Technology in today’s world is a necessary component for survival and prosperity for all populations, with the elderly no exception. Access & affordability of computer technology and computer instruction are the keys to a healthier and happier senior population. With the senior population growing steadily, with no expected decline in numbers, Technology Training’s services come not a moment too soon, providing the tools for this prosperity to all those they reach.

Benefits to the unemployed & people with disabilities:

Being unemployed or having a disability can be quite distressing to people who are looking for work. I am of the opinion that most people want to work but a great deal of these people just don’t know how to go about it. They may have left school early and did’nt finish their education. We offer courses in basic computer instruction which will give the students the skills and confidence to use a computer and search job sites for positions. We also offer introductory courses in Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as MYOB, which will give them the necessary skills to enter the workforce. We also offer two nationally recognised courses in Business and Information Technology.

Out unique teaching method actually encourages the students to learn and makes them feel that they can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it. Plenty of support is available from our very experienced, patient tutors.