Professional Services

We recognise the real need to train the unemployed & people with disabilities especially in the area of computer technology.

Our tutors are very experienced and teach with a great deal of patience and understanding. I myself joined the unemployment line after a long illness. I am well aware how frustrating being unemployed can be! Whilst I was unemployed I did some volunteer teaching for the Broadband for Seniors program (which is where my idea for a business started). I then joined the NEIS program and have recently completed certificate IV in small business management along with certificate IV in training & assessment.

This gave me the skills to start my own business. I feel with my experience and unique teaching methods I am able to empower these people and help restore their self-esteem and confidence.

We offer a range of courses and the cost of these may be able to be funded by the Federal Government. To access these courses you will need to contact your Job Search Provider.



Nationally recognised training

Introduction to Computers





[spacer height="-150px"]* PC Components

*The Mouse

* The Keyboard

* Operating Systems

* Windows basics

[spacer height="-150px"]* Surfing the Internet

* Using &

* Email & Attachments

* Internet Security

* Software Basics



[spacer height="-150px"]* Printing Basics

* Understanding file structures

* Network Basics

* PC Maintainence

* Backing up data

* Bank Reconciliation

* Card File

* Creating a company file

* Creating a new account

* Customer Payments

* Entering Payments

* Entering Sales

* Find Transactions

* Inventory

* Receive Money

* Spend Money

* Supplier Payments

* Backing up your data